Our vision for the Land Park Amphitheater

During the early explorations of the need for the project we reached out to the performing arts community to identify the need for such a renovated amphitheater. Discussions were held with the Sacramento City College Performing Arts Department, producers of the annual Shakespeare in the Park series, and the various musical groups who do not currently use it because of its condition.

The following were identified as in need of improvement to meet the requirements of a modern outdoor performance facility.

Restroom facilities that allow safe and convenient access from the seating area (currently portable toilet facilities must be set up in the parking lot south of the amphitheater and the only park toilet is a healthy hike away).

Improved seating (with backs) and improved sight lines to the stage.

A ticketing and small administrative office to allow sale and distribution of tickets and various office and accounting necessities.

A secure sound and projection facility so performance groups can bring in their sound and project equipment without the fear of theft (over $100,000 of equipment was stolen in 2012).

Improved acoustics that will project the sound towards the audience as well as provide an area for film projection.

Improved back of house area including a restroom and improved dressing room areas to accommodate the requirements for Screen Actor Guild contract performers who frequently are included in the theatrical performances.

Increased area on the stage to accommodate both theatrical and musical performers and better stage facilities which will allow connectivity to the audience and entrance to the stage from “stage center” (not now possible).

A cover over the stage area to protect musical instruments from both inclement weather and sun exposure and to provide staging for lighting and sound equipment.

Improved sound and light infrastructure for theatrical and musical events.

Improved accessibility for ambulatory challenged individuals in both the audience and performance area.

Modern lighting systems throughout the amphitheater seating area and the comfort facilities to allow for movement of patrons during performances.

Improvements upon the historic fabric of the amphitheater improving the grass seating area in front of the stage for picnics and the causal seating that has become a trademark of the amphitheater.

An Endowment fundan account that has sufficient funds available to provide a financial buffer to insure the continued upkeep of the facility such that the amphitheater can continue to be a significant place for the enjoyment of the arts, school groups, private occasions, and other events for generations of Sacramento citizens. The endowment fund will enable the facility to fiscally support itself through rental and user fees without budgetary injection from the City of Sacramento and will enable the amphitheater to generate revenue that could be used to assist in the maintenance of Land Park through a facility rental fee program that would return funds to the City for the maintenance of Land Park itself.

Video presentation of what the amphitheater could look like